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Family Activity – Cleaning House

My house usually looks like a whirlwind has blown from one room to the next and left utter destruction in the wake.  Toys have made their way from the kids’ bedrooms to the living room or kitchen, and everything seems to be all over the floor.  The books are out of the bookshelf, and every video we have is piled up by the chair.  With a 5-year-old and an 18-month-old, that is exactly what happens on a daily basis.  Don’t get me wrong; the kids will help pick up if I am right there beside them, but my poor husband usually comes home to utter devastation.

A couple of months ago I came across something on Pinterest (The House Game) that has helped our family clean our house.  This simple tool gets us working together in the evenings or on the weekends to get the house clean.

It is a simple concept:

  1. Roll a number.
  2. Visit that room of the house as a team and clean.  Or do the assigned task on the chart.  Mom and Dad assign tasks to the kids, and everyone works together to accomplish the goal.
  3. Repeat until all tasks are completed.

The site has the printable available with either 9 rooms or 12 rooms.  I downloaded the 12 room printable and then customized it for our family.  I wrote in all of the areas of our home, or tasks that we can do together, i.e. Kitchen & Dining Room, Living Room, Laundry, Hank’s Room, Faith’s Room, Mom & Dad’s Room, Bathrooms, and Dusting/Sweeping/Mopping.  I also filled in the leftover numbers with some kind of physical activity, i.e. Jump up and down 10 times, Walk around the house backwards, Hugs all around, Hop like a bunny around the house.  I put our game board in a picture frame and we use a dry-erase marker to check off the numbers as we complete our tasks.  But you don’t have to go through all that work.  Just use a scrap piece of paper and write down the numbers.  Then as you complete each task, use a crayon or pencil to color the numbers that are done.  To make sure we hit all of the rooms/tasks, we roll only one dice until we get the first 6 numbers checked off.  Then we add the 2nd dice and play until the end.

The kids (and my husband) love it.  We go from room to room and really work together.  Hank loves to race back to the board and roll for the next job.  We get so much more done when we play the game rather than just try to “clean the house.”   So if you are looking for a nice change of pace with cleaning the house, I would recommend trying a variation of The House Game.

What ideas do you have to get your kids involved with helping around the house?

Have a Great Week!


Family Activity – Fun Throughout the Year

Looking for ideas to do with your kids?  If you’re like me, I am always on the hunt for quick, simple activities to do throughout the year.  During the holiday season, we always have an activity a day to do together that is a lot of fun.  This year I want to try to do more hands-on activities with my kids throughout the entire year.  I want to make it as simple as possible, so we are using activity calendars, bucket lists, and fun lists that others have already created.  Then I can pick and choose the activities from the various calendars to keep us busy every month of the year.

It is my goal to have at least one fun family activity each week.  Won’t you join me in spending more time with our kids?

Here some of my favorite resources to draw inspiration from for activities – ideas for play, movement activities, reading ideas, and healthy eating, and more.  My favorite resources are activity calendars that have one idea for each day, or a list of ideas for the month or season.

  • An Activity A Week – 52 fun, simple indoor and outdoor activities to do with kids.  I created this resource as my starting point to make my goal a reality.  Whether we do the activities one-on-one during the day or during family time in the evenings or on weekends, it really doesn’t matter.  The point is to start doing more things with the kids.  It is a compilation of some of my favorite activities listed in the resources below.  Enjoy!
  • 10 Ways to Play, by Let’s Explore – Each month has simple, creative play inspiration. Print it out, hang it up, and have fun!  The 10 activities each month don’t require a lot of special supplies or preparation and can be enjoyed by a wide variety of ages.
  • Reading Activity Calendar –Wondering what to do with your child today? Whether you’re at home, at school, or out running errands, use the Reading Activity Calendar to find fun, simple ways to make reading a part of your everyday life. Flip through the calendar above for ideas, activities, and silly holidays to celebrate together.
  • Healthy Calendars from Nourish Interactive – Calendars are a great way to remind children of healthy actions they can take each day to promote general wellness. A variety of calendars that you can print to post in classrooms or after school activity programs, hand out to children to follow individually or as part of a family project.

Do you have a favorite activity resource?  Please share!


Have a Great Week!