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Kathy Monesmith Featured in United Way Spotlight

Kathy Monesmith, Parent Educator

Kathy Monesmith, Parent Educator at Early Childhood Alliance, was featured in United Way of Kosciusko County, Inc.’s United Way Spotlight titled, “Meet Kathy Monesmith – Working with Families that Fall Through the Cracks.”


Early Childhood Alliance is proud of its staff for the work that they do in communities throughout northeast Indiana, and we’re especially thankful to include Kathy among us.

Kathy Monesmith, Parent Educator
Kathy Monesmith, Parent Educator

Early Childhood Alliance welcomes new staff

Tracy Baker

The Downtown Center, 516 E Wayne St, recently welcomed new classroom staff:

  • Tracy Baker – Infant Teacher
  • Angela Berwick – Toddler Teacher
  • Cassandra Harps – Toddler Teacher
  • Rebekah Robertson – Teacher Float, all ages
  • Jermaine Williams – School-Age All Year Teacher
  • Skyler Zuber – School-Age Summer Program Teachers


  • Claire Dugan
  • Alexis Madden
  • Mara Williamson

New teachers at ECA’s Beacon Learning Center, 2125 Beacon St, are:

  • Tracey Brown – Early Pre-K Teacher
  • Aysha Craig – Pre-K Teacher
  • Izabelle Peckham – Infant and Toddler Teacher
  • James Harper – School-Age Summer Program Teacher