123 – Duck! Duck! Fun!

My two-year old loves Rubber Ducks.  In fact, she has a basket filled with ducks of different shapes and sizes.  At least once a day she has them out to play with, spread out all over the floor.  We have a couple of games that our son likes to play with the ducks called, Duck! Duck! Go! and Duck! Duck! Safari! but Faith isn’t old enough to play them yet.  So, a couple of weeks ago I put together some early math activities using the ducks just for her.


One Duck, Two Ducks, Three Ducks, More

I love the Rubber Ducky Counting Mats that I found from Line Upon Line Learning.   We use the counting mats with her basket of ducks.   Don’t have rubber ducks? NO PROBLEM.  Use this Rubber Duck Printable.  Just print a couple of copies of the ducks and cut them out.  We spread out the counting mats on the floor and talk about what number is on the card.  Faith then puts a duck on top of each duck on the card.


How Many Ducks in the Pond?

I got this idea from a post I saw from pre-kpages.com .  I found a blue bowl for us to use as a pond, or you can use our Duck Pond Printable, a large dice, and our basket of ducks.  Then Faith rolls the dice, and we count the dots together.  Then she puts that number of ducks into the “pond.”


Find the Duck

Hide 5-10 rubber ducks in a room.  Have your child go find a duck and bring it back to the pond.  As your child brings back each duck, count how many ducks are in the pond.  Continue until all ducks have been returned to the pond.


Put the Ducks in a Row

I got this idea from a post I saw from teachingmunchkins-smgaitan.blogspot.com.  I use the same blue bowl from our Duck Pond activity as a pond, Duck Chart Printable, and 10 ducks numbered 1-10.  If you don’t have ducks, you can make a second copy of the duck chart and cut the ducks apart.  We put all the ducks in the pond and lay the chart in front of us.  Then Faith pulls the ducks out one at a time.  We talk about what number is printed on the bottom and then find the matching number on the Duck Chart.


Duck Race

I used this idea when I taught preschool.  You will need 2 ducks, a River Race Board Printable, and a quarter.   Put your ducks on start.  Take turns flipping the quarter.  If you get a heads up, move forward 2 spaces.  If you get a tails up, move forward 1 space.  Play until everyone gets to the end of the river.  As you swim down the river, talk about the numbers you land on along the way.


Ten Little Ducks

We count out 10 ducks and put them into our pond.  Then we read our Ten Little Ducks poem and do the actions along with it.  This is also fun to do during bath time.


Have a Great Week!