Take A Walk

What is your favorite season?  Mine is fall.  I love everything about it – the cooler weather, the leaves changing color, football, the local street fair, etc.  On one of these beautiful fall days the kids and I are going to go on a walk around the neighborhood.  Here are some ideas I have for before, along the way, and after we get back home.  I can’t wait!


Have a Great Week!





Before we go on our walk we are going to make a snack to take with us.  I found a recipe from snackpics.com for a snack mix that I can make in the crockpot, and modified the recipe to make our own NatureWalkSnackMix

I have all of the stuff I need in the pantry so whenever the day comes for our walk, I will be all set.  If it is a day that Hank is in preschool, Faith and I will make it up while he is gone.  If it happens to be a Friday when he is off, we can all do it together.   We will then put the snack mix in snack bags to take along with us.  I will also take along some water bottles for everyone.


We are going to play our I Spy Nature game for a fun activity.  I printed all of the Nature I Spy cards from Spell Outloud onto cardstock. Then I put them on an “o” ring in for usability.  A quick, easy activity that is ready to go.


We are going to be collecting items (leaves, acorns, pinecones, sticks, etc.) to make a Fall Wreath inspired by a My Kids Adventures post.  I went to the craft store and bought a bare wreath to decorate.  While there I also found little bags for the kids to fill with the treasures they find.  When we get home from the walk, we will glue the treasures onto the wreath with a glue gun.  Then we can hang it on the door as a fall decoration.


We are also going to collect acorns and loose acorn tops to use after the walk for some math activities inspired by Living Montessori Now’s post about Outdoor Acorn Math Activities.  I made a template for the Acorn Number Cards, the Acorn Size Cards, and the Venn Diagram.  This way we can do the activities again inside even after our outside time is over.


After our walk we are also going to drink cider and read books about fall.  One of our favorites is Clifford’s First Autumn, by Norman Bridwell.  Clifford has been a favorite of mine since I was in kindergarten, and my kids love the stories as well.  Besides, Bridwell has Indiana (Kokomo) roots, and I love exposing my kids to Hoosier connections.