Looking for Child Care?

All parents want to make the best decision, the best choice for their children. And choosing child care is important because it can have a significant, long-lasting impact in a child’s life.

Here are some tools to help with your child care search, such as important questions to ask and things to watch for when interviewing a potential provider to be sure health and safety standards are met. We hope that these resources help you in your search for selecting quality child care.

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To help find the best child care for your child – Look for Quality Indicators!


The following information will help parents decide on their own what level of quality a child care program is providing for your child.


Adult to Child Ratio

  • Infants – 1 staff to 4 infants
  • Toddlers/2 years – 1 staff to 5 toddlers
  • 3-4 years – 1 staff to 10 children


Group Size

  • Are your child’s needs being met?


Caregivers’ Qualifications

  • Does staff have the credentials/experience for working with children?
  • Does staff receive annual training?
  • Does the program participate in Paths to QUALITY™?


Learning Environment

  • Does the staff have age appropriate activities for the age range served?
  • How is the staff preparing the children for school?
  • Does the staff encourage parent involvement?


Safe and Healthy Environment

  • Is there always someone present with current CPR and first aid training?
  • Is the environment clean and safe?
  • Does the staff provide a safe sleep environment for infants?


For a complete list of additional quality indicators, review the publication from Child Care Aware – Is This The Right Place For My Child? 

Paths To QUALITY is an amazing tool to help you quickly assess Child Care Providers. Find Out More! 


Additional Resources to Select a Quality Child Care Program:

  • Give Your Child Something That Will Last a Lifetime – Is child care something you need? Then this brochure can help, especially if you’re looking for the one thing that matters most in child care – QUALITY. This brochure provides parents with five helpful steps to choosing quality child care. It also includes a checklist to use when choosing a child care home or center.
  • Selecting a High-Quality School-Aged Program for Your Child – Concerned about after school care for your child? This brochure will help you in selecting a quality after-school program. It includes questions to ask yourself along the way as well as a checklist to refer to when looking at a specific program.