COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

Early Childhood Alliance will be continuously monitoring the developments surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. Check this page often as we’ll be updating it regularly with information and status related to Early Childhood Alliance’s response. Due to the rapid and frequently changing circumstances, it is likely that very little lead time will be given before our responses change.

Beacon Center

Normal Operations w/ Precautions


Updated 8/16/2021

Downtown Center

Normal Operations w/ Precautions


Updated 8/16/2021

Administrative Offices

No Public Access

Updated 08/16/2021

COVID-19 Precautions In Place at all ECA Learning Centers

Based on updated guidance from FSSA/Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning and the CDC, ECA’s Learning Centers will be adjusting our COVID-19 Policies and Procedures. Questions are to be directed to a member of the Center Support Management Team.

COVID-19 Response Policies & Procedures - Effective Monday, June 7, 2021

What we're doing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Regardless of vaccination status, all staff, school age children, parents and visitors will continue to wear masks PRIOR to entering the Lobby of the building. This is an ECA Agency wide practice.
  • Parents will continue to walk children back at drop off and pickups and parents will continue to NOT enter the classrooms
  • Children and NON-vaccinated staff who are exposed to an individual is tests positive for COVID – 19 will continue to quarantine for 14 days, starting the day after the exposure
  • Children who are ill (based on ECA Learning Center Illness policy) will remain out until symptom free for 24 hours WITHOUT medication.
  • Temperature checks will still be required for all children, staff and visitors entering the building and no one will be permitted to stay if their temperature is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Daily disinfecting prior to opening and after closing will no longer occur
  • Daily laundry for Toddlers – School Age will no longer occur. Laundry for Toddlers  – School Age will occur weekly
  • Children will now be allowed to bring ONE stuffed animal to sleep with if they wish to do so.
  • Daily laundry for infants will continue as it is REQUIRED by State Licensing regulations
  • Daily washing/sanitizing of toys that are mouthed by children is REQUIRED by State Licensing and will continue
  • Weekly washing/sanitizing of other toys is REQUIRED by State Licensing and will continue
  • Social distancing in common areas is still required and Learning Center Staff will continue to NOT mingle in other rooms for contract tracing purposes

Official Resources

The resources below were published by various state and federal agencies and have been placed here as a resource to our employees, partners, and center families. Early Childhood Alliance takes no responsibility for the contents of the resources available below. Furthermore, the presence of these resources should not be considered as official statements or endorsements from Early Childhood Alliance. Everyone is responsible for their own choices and takes their own risks while consulting these resources.
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COVID-19 Guidance for Providers on School Closings

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Coronavirus Self-Monitor Infographic

Coronavirus Spread Infographic

School Guidance