Family Activity – Our Summer A to Z List

Like most parents, I look forward to spending more time with my preschool child this summer.  However, I also know that he is going to miss the activities, fun, and socialization he gets during the school year from his preschool.  To help alleviate some of the anxiety of planning activities to do for the summer by myself, together we worked on an A to Z List of things he wants to do over the summer.  Please feel free to use these ideas, along with the other resources listed below, as a starting point for your own summer activity list.

Have a Great Week!




Summer A to Z List

A – Arts & Crafts – Make a couple of art projects each week.

B – Bike – Take a family bike ride around the neighborhood.

C – Camping – Go on a family camping trip.

D – Drive-In Theater – Go to the drive in and experience watching a movie outside.

E – Exercise – Do some type of exercise each day.  Participate in the Family Fitness Challenge –  make family fitness a focus throughout the year.

F – Frisbee Golf – Go to the local park and play Frisbee Golf.

G – Geocaching – Go on a Geocaching adventure.  Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity.

H – Hike – Take a family walk on our local walking trail.

I –    Ice Cream – Make homemade ice cream.

J –   Just spend time together. It is alright to just unplug and spend a leisurely day together doing whatever the kids want to do – play outside, read books, go swimming, etc.

K – Keep Safe – Take a swimming class.  Hank fell in the swimming pool last summer and it really left a lasting impression.  Even though we got him in the water soon after the experience, he is still very hesitant.  I want to give him the tools he needs to feel confident in the water and feel safe in case it happens again.

L –   Library – Participate in the summer reading program at our local library.  To find your local library visit Public Libraries – Indiana

M – Museum – Visit a local museum ( i.e. Historical Society Museum – to find your local Historical Society information visit through the Indiana Historical Society website).  Visit the local Visitor’s Bureau of ideas of interesting places to go in your area – be a tourist in your own town/county.  For information on Indiana and your local visitors bureau visit

N – Neighborhood Garage Sale – Sort through toys and pick some to sell, and some to donate (i.e local preschool).

O – Obstacle Course – Set-up an obstacle course in our back yard.

P – Plant a vegetable and flower garden.

Q – Quick, Easy Fun.  Have family game night. Make popcorn and watch a favorite family movie together.  Put a puzzle together.

R – Read, Read, Read – Read books together every day.

S – Scavenger Hunt – Go on a scavenger hunt.  Check out some pre-made scavenger hunts – A Year’s Worth of Scavenger Hunts for Kids – from the Mother’s Niche Blog.

T – Trains, Trains & More Trains – Ride a train, visit a model train, and play with trains at home.  Hank enjoys riding the Little River Railroad in Michigan, but for his birthday we are taking him to Heston.  He also enjoys visiting the model train layout in Garrett.  On a daily basis you can find him in his room creating train layouts with his wooden train set.

U – Unplug – Have time where no electronics are allowed.  We are going to make a conscientious effort to turn off the TV, tablet, computer and other distractions for enjoying time together.

V – Visit the Fair – Go to the 4-H Fair or The Indiana State Fair.  Every once in a while nothing makes you happier than fair food, animals and carnival music. For 4-H Fair Dates, visit Countyfairgrounds, USA – Indiana.

W – Wonderopolis – Participate in Camp Wonderopolis, a fun, free opportunity for parents and children to learn together during the summer.

X – X-tra Special Times with Friends – Make time to see friends.  Nothing beats time with friends!  Hank enjoys seeing his school and church friends at VBS.  We also have an annual get together with a group of friends over July 4th and have “Camp” for the kids.

Y – Yard – Have fun outside in our own backyard – set up the tent, play in the sandbox, enjoy water fun, etc.

Z – Zoo – Visit a Zoo.  We enjoy the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, but there are other options available in Northern Indiana as well.  Check out the Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, or Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Albion.