Emergency Pop-up Centers

Early Childhood Alliance offers emergency temporary child care for employers who need to accommodate their workforce child care needs to sustain its operations. ECA has experience and can become the provider of care for a “Pop Up Temporary Center” in your community. We will work closely with community leaders and coalitions so that children experience a safe quality program while their families can continue to work.

Below are just some of the essential elements of a pop-up childcare center:
  1. Draft an agreement with the potential partners/community leaders and identify primary roles and responsibilities of the participating parties.
  2. Determine Location and Logistics
    • Agreement/terms Hours
    • Insurance
    • Technology (Internet/Phone)
    • Budget
    • Financial Support, if any
    • Communication strategies
  3. Staffing Recruitment & Compensation
    • Contract with a staffing agency, as necessary
  4. Determine the users of the pop-up childcare center
    • On-line registration
    • Marketing & Advocacy
    • Survey/feedback regarding care provided
  5. Day to Day Operations
    • Cleaning Schedule
    • Meals
    • Emergency plan

ECA provides pop-up child care to Kosciusko County healthcare workers and first responders

Emergency Pop-up Center in Kosciusko County during COVID-19 pandemic.
Emergency Pop-up Center in Kosciusko County during COVID-19 pandemic.

ECA was honored to provide temporary pop-up child care service to Kosciusko community healthcare workers and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. By partnering with community leaders and the County Child Care Coalition we ensured Kosciusko’s health care employees continued ability to keep us healthy.