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Early Childhood Alliance is a great place to work

Mary (Pre-K Teacher)

Working with children is my passion and one of the most rewarding things to do. Every day is fun and unique, even though it can feel challenging. The best thing about working for ECA is coming together as a family and being a team player. ECA offers workshops and professional training that has helped grow my career in early education, and it’s been a very good learning experience.

Olivia (Teacher)

I love working with children because of their minds. Hearing how they think, and witnessing their growth is so special. I learn from them in return!

The best thing about working for ECA is the support from management and my co-workers. We all have each other’s backs, which is special to me. I also really appreciate that the managers and so understanding and open to hearing our thoughts and feelings.

This is the best job I’ve had. I’ve never felt so supported and encouraged at a job. I appreciate everyone I work with and am super passionate about the work we do here!

Gladys (Pre-K Teacher)

I have been working with ECA for 39 years and love witnessing children grow and develop. There isn’t a boring day while working in childcare and the children encourage me to use my imagination to find creative ways to do things.

ECA has helped me grow as a childcare professional and encourages my educational growth. The best part is that I get to be part of each child’s development and success!

Nimat (Pre-K Teacher)

I love working with children because they are truly amazing. It is a joy to see them grow, play, and achieve their milestones.

The best thing about working for Early Childhood Alliance is the consistent rules, as well as the qualified teachers who really care.

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