Shared Services Network MOA

MEMORANDUM OF Agreement between Early Childhood Alliance (ECA) Shared Services Network and all network members

A Shared Services Network is a group of early care and education providers (Network Members) that are supported by service navigator organizations (ECA Shared Services Network) in order to achieve and improve operational stability and service quality.


Early Childhood Alliance (ECA's) Shared Services Network

  • Provide support or connect network members to support services.
  • Communicate frequently to network members regarding the program.
  • Stay abreast of best practices in the field and share information with the members of the network, connecting them to relevant services.
  • Promote networking and relationship-building among Network Members.
  • Analyze and share data with programs to help support the goals of their businesses.
  • Continue to modify and improve service offerings based on impact and Member satisfaction data.
  • Promote policy and advocacy strategies based on Network Member experiences.

Network Members

  • Gather information through the Alliance CORE platform regarding business and teaching practices among Members to share best practices and address challenges.
  • Complete onboarding within 30 days of signing this agreement.
  • Provide ongoing feedback.
  • Pay a non-refundable membership fee annually.
  • Attend Monthly Network Meetings and Training Sessions.
  • Promote the value of membership in the ECA Shared Services Network among other early childhood education providers.
Network Member Responsibilities
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