Thankful in November

Give Thanks Stock Photo
Image by hudsoncrafted from Pixabay

Here's just a few ideas...

  1. Send an email – just to say “thank you”
  2. Tuck a card or note into your child’s bag addressed to the staff member you are thanking
  3. Send a treat, flowers or lotion/sanitizer
  4. Get creative, giving thanks can come in many different forms

Show your gratitude to an ECA Essential Worker throughout the month of November!

Early Childhood Alliance is asking parents to choose a member of the ECA Learning Center Team and show your gratitude this month! It’s been a tough year, but the ECA Learning Center team members have worked hard every day to care for each child in their care. Please choose a member of our Center staff (center administration, a teacher, or kitchen staff) and show your appreciation.

We appreciate your participation!
A word of kindness goes a long way!