Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an integral part of the organization and make significant contributions to achieving our mission. We match volunteers’ interests with our needs and use the time and talents of volunteers to support the development of young children. Below are some examples of the types of volunteers Early Childhood Alliance is on the lookout for.


Consider making a difference in early childhood education by supporting Early Childhood Alliance with your time and talent in a friendly environment. Pick the tasks that match your skills and set your own hours. Volunteer today!

Volunteer Examples

  • Office assistant to organize, sort, file or collate materials, tabulate surveys, answer phones, and greet visitors; to trace, cut, paste or make simple materials for art projects.
  • Handy Person: Use your skills to make minor repairs at office building and learning centers. Assemble AV equipment or bookshelves, change light bulbs, hang pictures, fix leaky faucets, repair office furniture, repair children’s toys, etc.
  • Special Events: Needed to help with one-time events or projects that support our mission, such as event staffing, special mailings, sewing projects, book and supplies collection, or landscaping.
  • Sewing – Light sewing and mending projects to support infant and toddler care at our two Learning Centers. Cloth bibs, crib and cot sheets, blankets, and more. We can supply supplies and patterns.