You can help raise the bar on quality by getting involved and letting our leaders know that high-quality child care is important to you and your community.

Why does child care cost so much?

Early child care and education in America is expensive, parents spend large portions of their annual income just to ensure their child or children are receiving quality early care. But if child care is so expensive, why is it that so many child care teachers struggle to make ends meet. In this video, “Why Do Parents Spend So Much on Child Care, Yet Early Childhood Educators Earn So Little?” it’ll all start to make sense.


As a nation, we must all come together and agree that early childhood education is a crucial part to building America’s future. We then have to encourage our elected officials to vote for affordable, high-quality early childhood education as well as a fair wage for our teachers. Let’s invest in our teachers and children.


Learn about what is needed at Child Care Aware of America (CCAoA).