Offering quality care and education...

…in safe, healthy surroundings for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers1

1 Infants must be at least 6 weeks of age.

Community Services - Center Circle

The foundations of quality

Our centers take early care a step further with…

Family Involvement

A child’s family is an important component of their education, we help foster this relationship with regular activities to keep the family involved.

Family/Teacher Communication

Stay in touch with your children’s teachers using the Kaymbu for Families app.
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The basics

What you need to know…

6:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday

Tuition Assistance Available

(for qualifying families)

Our primary goal:

Preparing your child for success in kindergarten and beyond by:
  • Providing an environment which promotes decision-making, cooperation, creativity, and problem-solving.
  • Establishing a daily routine which allows your child to plan activities, carry them out, and reflect on their experiences.
  • Planning for your child’s individual needs and interests by careful observation and documentation of their progress.
  • Providing age appropriate learning activities that nurture children to reach their full potential.
  • Investing in our teachers’ professional development to keep skills and credentials up-to-date.

Our Credentials

Paths to QUALITY Level 4 Logo
We're a Paths to QUALITY Provider*
NAEYC Accreditation Logo
NAEYC Accredited
On My Way Pre-K Logo
We're an On My Way Pre-K Approved Provider
*The Early Childhood Alliance Learning Program at Beacon has temporarily been given a Level 3 status, our Learning Program at Downtown continues to be a Level 4 provider. We are working diligently to get all of our learning programs officially classified as Level 4 but commit to providing level 4 service until then.