Birthing Centers

Early Childhood Alliance provides gift bags that include, a children’s book, family resources, and important messaging to over 3,000 families every year.

Birthing Center Bag Sample

Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher. ECA helps parents realize this special role they play in helping their child reach their full potential.  This includes sharing the message that infants are capable and ready to learn from birth.


ECA distributes books, early childhood information, tips and strategies to parents of newborns before they even leave the hospital.  These resources are currently shared by the nursing staff to new families at both Parkview Hospital locations in Allen County.


These special gift bags include:

  • A board book to begin a reading routine with baby
  • A list of family resources in the community
  • An opportunity to sign up for Bright by Text, a free, weekly text messaging service with age-appropriate activities, games, tips (add link)
  • An opportunity to sign up for a mailing of two postcard coupons at baby’s 6-month, and 12-month milestones, redeemable for a free book at any ACPL branch.