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Make the most of everyday interactions with your child.

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Parenting manuals are nonexistent, but a new resource can help parents (including expectant parents), grandparents, friends and caregivers provide care with that little extra. Bright by Text, a program offered via your cell phone*, provides expert tips, activities and resources for families with children prenatal to eight years old. Messages are sent 2-4 times per week and include evidence-based content from trusted early childhood experts on a wide range of topics to support child development and strengthen families.

Bright by Text information, available in English and Spanish, helps families make the most of the early learning years by providing:

  • Fun and easy activities
  • Positive tips and resources
  • News of local resources and events

Register online

Register by text

  1. Text “CHILD” to 274448
  2. Select your preferred language as indicated by the first message you receive
  3. Enter your child’s date of birth (or expected due date) to receive messages specific to their age and stage of development
  4. Enter your zip code to receive messages specific to local resources and events

*Bright by Text is a free service, however check your mobile service plan to see if text messaging or data fees apply.