When we ventured down the path that SparKits led us down, we weren’t really sure where it would take us. In the beginning, SparKits was meant to utilize early education equipment that no longer had a purpose. By bundling items together with a similar theme and then including caregiver instruction, the SparKits program was born.


We next expanded into the Home and On Demand Kit versions, one that included both instruction and material and another, more affordable option that included instructions only. While these offerings have all been well received in the community we usually serve, we are unable to expand beyond these areas, a necessity for SparKits to become self-sustaining.


To make sure that Early Childhood Alliance is using funding for the maximum impact in the community we sometimes have to change our focus, that change in focus can sometimes mean that some programs have to end.


Effective August 1, 2023 the SparKits program will have officially ended, we thank everyone who has helped shaped and grow this program from nothing and helped keep it running through the pandemic. Just because we have to end a program does not mean it didn’t make an impact while it was in operation.


What else we do...

Early Learning Programs

Our team of experts combines knowledge and experience in the field of early education with HighScope curriculum to provide a rich academic foundation through direct, hands-on learning.

*Income-based tuition is available.

Federal Food Program


Early Educators are critical to early education, we support them through our Federal Food Program (CACFP) service.

Shared Services Network

Through the ECA Shared Services Network*, early childcare providers are able to increase their revenue, save time on daily operations, and grow their businesses.

*The ECA Shared Services Network is made possible through a $100,000 grant from Early Learning Indiana.