Learning Starts At Birth

The brain is the only organ not fully formed at birth.  Over the span of the first three years of life, trillions of connections are being made between brain cells.  Research shows that both a child’s relationships and experiences directly influence how his brain grows in the earliest years.  Young children learn best through meaningful everyday experiences, alongside an adult they care for and trust.  Children are born ready to learn and to seek and form relationships with others around him.

Play during the first year, and even beyond, revolves around exploration and meaningful experiences, which means it is important that you are a part of your baby’s play.  It could be as simple as cooing back and forth with baby, a game of peek-a-boo, singing to your baby, or holding a rattle for baby to swat at and reach for.  You will soon find that the most fun and beneficial playtime involve you and baby interacting and will include very simple toys, if any.  A baby’s favorite toy is you.



The Better Baby Care Indiana (BBCI) focuses attention on the issues to improve the policies that govern the quality of care for infants and toddlers. The primary focus of this campaign is parent education, family support, and child care provider training that supports healthy, safe and developmentally appropriate care for infants and toddlers.

For more information on BBCI, contact our Infant/Toddler Specialist.

For more resources and information on supporting and creating rich early experiences for your child visit Zero to Three for free parent brochures and guides.



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