Let’s Move – Kids In Motion

It is so important to get kids moving. Obesity in children in our country is a serious issue, but you can help fight that by getting your kids moving. You can help by getting yourself moving as well. If your kids exercise with you, chances are they are going to be more active.

Included here are 12 links (of the many available) to some fun and engaging ways to incorporate movement into your day.  Turn off the TV, put everything else aside, and make time to move with your kids.  For my family I developed a “Kids in Motion” basket with our favorite activities to have on hand, ready to go.

What is your favorite way to incorporate movement into your day?

Have a Great Week!





30 Days of Moving with Kids

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Physical Activity Cube

The Card Deck Workout

Gross Motor Activities Using Blocks

From Head to Toe Activity Cards

Exercise Eggs

Yoga Obstacle Course

Getting Kids Moving – Fun Exercise Games

Kids Yoga Poses

Gross Motor Activities from A to Z

40 activities to get your kids MOVING!ties to get your kids MOVING!