Make It Monday – ABC Art

This past summer my kids and I created a schedule of activities to do each day of the week (to help our summer run a little smoother).  Together we came up with:

  • Make it Monday (art exploration)
  • Tell Me a Story Tuesday (read old and new stories together – usually in our storytelling tent or a special place and then  do an activity based on the story)
  • Wonderful Adventure Wednesday (go on a special outing or do a fun activity at home)
  • Tasty Treats Thursday (make a snack together)
  • Family Fun Friday (have family movie night, game night, themed dinner, etc.)

It was such a hit this past summer that we plan to do it again.  In fact, I have also started using it with my daughter on the days she doesn’t have preschool.  It gives us something to look forward to and keeps her entertained.

Thought I would share one of the ideas that was a huge hit for Make It Monday – An ABC Art Book.  This activity took us a couple of Mondays to complete and was a very interactive project.  I am a firm believer of giving a child materials to create with and letting them explore the materials on his/her own.

As you know, my son loves trains.  In looking for some ideas to do over the summer, I found an idea for a Train ABC Book by Craftulate.  This is a printable book that you can use to explore art while focusing on each letter of the alphabet.  Hank enjoyed it, but it got me thinking about other ABC art books that might be available.  In looking at the following resources, I compiled a list ways to explore art through each letter of the alphabet. I would also try giving your child a blank page and let him/her practice writing the letter at the top instead of pre-printed ABC papers.

ABC Art Ideas

Aa- Apple prints, Acrylic Paint
Bb- Blue, Brown, Black, Bubble prints, Block Stamping, Band-Aids, Beans, Bark Rubbing, Blending
Cc- Colorful, Colors, Collage, Cotton ball prints, Car Tracks, Carrot prints, Corn Collage, Coffee Paint, Cork Stamping, Celery Painting, Circle,
Dd- Dot Art (Dot Art painters, circle stickers), Diamond
Ee- Elbow painting, Eye collage (wiggly eyes), Engraving
Ff- Finger painting, Feather painting or collage, Fork painting, Fingerprint Flowers, Fabric collage
Gg- Green, Glitter Glue, Glitter, Glow,
Hh- Hand prints, Hearts, Hay, Hue
Ii- Ice cube painting, Ink (rubber stamps with a variety of inks), Illustration
Jj- Junk prints, Jewels, Joining
Kk- Keys Rubbing, Kleenex, Kaleidoscope
Ll- Lavender, Letter Collage, Leave Rubbings, Lace, Lines
Mm- Marble painting, Mosaic, Metallic
Nn- Newspaper Numbers, Nickel rubbings, Neon, Nature Rubbing
Oo- Orange, O’s (toilet paper tubes), Orange (the fruit) prints, Oval, Overlapping
Pp- Purple, Pink, Paint, Potato prints. Penny rubbings, Polka Dots, Photo Collage
Qq- Quarter rubbings, Q-tip painting, Quilt (squares of paper)
Rr- Red, Rubbings, Rainbows, Ribbon, Rectangle, Rock painting, Rice, Relief
Ss- Sponge paint, Stamping, Sand Art, Stickers, Stained Glass, Squirt Gun painting, Square Art, Stars, Shading
Tt- Torn Paper collage, Toothpick Triangles, Tissue Paper, Tire Tracks prints, Tape, Tinting
Uu- Upside-down picture, Underwater art, Unbelievable
Vv- Vegetable prints, Valentines, Vibrant Colors, Value
Ww- White, Watercolor, Wallpaper, Wooden Train Wheel Prints
Xx- X-ray (q-tips), X marks the spot map, X collage, X stamping, Xerox
Yy- Yellow, Yarn pictures, Yo-yo painting
Zz- Zigzags, Zipper rubbing

Printable Copy:  ABC_Art_Ideas

Let your imagination take flight!

Have a Great Week!