In case of emergency

Although unlikely, it is always best to be prepared for emergencies so everyone knows what to do so they can remain calm and safe. In that spirit we’d like to help prepare you for what to do if an emergency ever arises around or within an Early Childhood Alliance center.

In the unlikely event of an emergency situation please follow these simple procedures.

1. Do not call the center

During an emergency all staff, including office staff will frequently be engaged in making sure all of the children in our care are safe and secure. They may not have the time or ability to get to the phones and answering them takes them away from their most important job, keeping the children safe.

Please call our Emergency Alert Hotline at 260-579-4443, during an emergency this line will respond with a pre-recorded message providing you with the necessary information to know what’s going on. It will also indicate when everything is “all clear.”