Family Activity – Photo Scavenger Hunt

Lately my son has been really into photography.  He loves taking pictures of EVERYTHING – finished puzzles, toy trains, etc.  The other day we decided to turn his love of taking pictures into a family outing – a photo scavenger hunt.  Basically you go around (either on foot or by car) to take pictures on a list.  Where we live, the county has the Garfield Trail that lends itself really well to a photo scavenger hunt.  We drove around to the different Garfield statues and took pictures of one or more of us posing with each Garfield.  How fun!  Eventually I will get around to printing the pictures from the outing, and we will use them to make a scrapbook.

You can do it too.  Find some interesting things in your home county (or surrounding area) to use on a photo scavenger hunt.  You could also use one of the readily available   “Photo Challenges” (usually designed for a month or special season) or use one of the resources below for inspiration.



How to Create a Photo Scavenger Hunt from Premeditated Leftovers  



Click-tastic Photo Scavenger Hunt with Kids from My Kids Adventures   


Photo Scavenger Hunt from Skunkboy  

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Neighborhood Photo Scavenger Hunt from Pretty Printables For You


These are just a few ideas for photo scavenger hunts.  Search Pinterest for even more ideas.

Have a Great Week!