Challenge #1 Details

  • Entry Deadline
    Friday, April 20
  • Facebook Voting
    April 27th-May 11th
  • Winner Announced
    Tuesday, May 18th

The purpose of these challenges is for child care providers and children to enjoy planned physical activity together. Children of all ages and abilities can participate. Participating in physical activity is not only fun and engaging, but also establishes lifelong healthy lifestyle patterns for all.

There will be four challenges over the course of a year. This first challenge encourages teachers and children to Be Active Indoors! During the cold winter months, it can be tough to find motivation to get up and move. Thankfully, there are countless ways to be active inside. Check out the Resource tab for some ideas!

Finalists’ photos will be shared and voted for on Early Childhood Alliance’s Facebook page. This will give you the opportunity to:

  • Showcase your fun activity and see other activity ideas
  • Network with area child care providers
  • Share your program with those in the community
  • Give you a chance to win the $150 grand prize if your photo receives the most votes!

To submit your photo, simply follow the instructions on the Entry Form!