Reading With Dad

Some of my best memories of childhood involve my parents reading aloud to my three brothers and me.  I remember us all piled on my parents bed listening to Mom read a “Bobbsey Twins” adventure by Laura Lee Hope.  But some of my fondest memories are of the quiet Sunday afternoon moments when I would crawl into Dad’s lap and he would read the comics from the newspaper to me.

If you are a dad, do you spend time reading with your child?  Reading with your child is fun, and a great way to spend time together. It not only increases your child’s literacy skills, but research shows that children who enjoy reading do better in school. But better than that, it helps you build a strong and loving relationship with your child. is a great website dedicated to the importance of reading to children.  It encourages every parent to read to his/her kids 15 minutes each day.  That’s right – Read aloud 15 minutes – Every Child.  Every Parent.  Every Day.  Every parent includes you Dad!

Why the emphasis on reading to children?

  1. Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.
  2. Reading aloud is the single most important thing a parent or caregiver can do to improve a child’s readiness to read and learn.
  3. By making 15 minutes of daily reading the new parenting standard, we will change the face of education in this country.


Dads do make a difference so start reading tonight!

Have a GREAT day!




  • Read Aloud Dad – a good blog written by a dad dedicated to reading aloud to his kids that includes tips and books reviews.
  • Dad’s Playbook – Helping Kid’s to Read a downloadable pdf from the Government Printing Office – pamphlet is geared to get dads to help their kids to read, using case studies and helpful tips.
  • Tips for Reading Together by – specifically encourages dads in Britain to read more to their children, but the information is for any dad.