Summer’s Childcare #2

Summer's Childcare

Maka Ahmat/Eileen Gudakunst
Summer’s Childcare

Maka Ahmat is the owner of Summer’s Childcare, this is her second location. Her Lead Caregiver, Eileen Gudakunst at this site just moved to Level 2. Eileen is currently working on getting her CDA. Maka shared “Eileen and I work hard to make improvements for the children and Paths to QUALITY has helped us get new materials.” Elieen, shared with us “It is very interesting for me to work with children and I enjoy it! This job is very important because I understand that 0-5 years are the most important stage of children’s lives and I am doing my best to guide and influence them. I am so blessed to have  Maka and my Paths to QULAITY coach support me and make this all possible.”

  • Allen County
  • Licensed Home
  • Level 2
  • (260) 418-1292